ABOUT GOOD TROUBLE Good Trouble calls Tucson home, and we’re six seasoned musicians with a wide variety of experience in all musical genres – from Motown to country, rock ‘n roll to blues. But what we really love is classic rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s - the tunes that people know and love - and are constantly updating our playlists. We want to play your favorite song!
Cat’s been rocking the music world across the globe in Europe, Africa, and now in the desert! With roots in jazz and progressive bass guitar and vocals, she’s also played in local Celtic Rock, Prog Rock, Punk Rock, and African Reggae bands. A huge musical theater fan, she also can’t resist belting Journey songs “a la Les Miserables.” Her vocal influences include Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Linda Rondstadt, and Barbra Streisand. Cat is a retired Naval Officer and Diplomat enjoying the desert and some Good Trouble.
Originally from SoCal, Kevin Berger grew up listening to Herb Alpert and the TJ Brass, Tower of Power, the Beach Boys, Motown, the Monkees, and the Mighty Zep. During a 40 -year musical journey, he has played guitar, bass, keyboards in numerous cover bands from the right and left coasts -most recently with Lip Service, Rhythm Train, and Take Cover in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. When he’s not jamming, he’s teaching and coaching at the middle and high school levels, playing tennis, and biking with his two Siberian huskies
Kirk started his first garage band at the age of 16 years old, playing on a Farfisa organ and Insta electric piano. He moved to Tucson from Indianapolis In 2013 where he honed his craft over the years playing in many rock bands including: Full Tilt (classic rock band), Project 19 (classic rock and country band), Mr. Peabody (rock band) and others. After several year’s hiatus Kirk joined up with Wendy and the Boys (classic rock and dance band), a Tucson local band that has entertained people at many venues around the city. His main musical influences have been: Kansas/Styx/ Reo Speedwagon/ Elton John, to name a few.
Doug began his musical journey in the '60s as a surf-oriented guitarist, and fronted several bands while in school. About the time that he heard his first Leslie spin up, he made the switch to organ and piano. Heavily influenced by Seattle acts such as Dave Lewis, the Dynamics, and the Wailers, Doug continued to play and write music, sometimes sitting in with bands in the Spokane area. In the ‘70s he put the keyboards in storage and began a career in broadcasting. Now, many years later, he's picked up the bass and is rocking again.
Originally from Ohio, Alan and his family moved to Florence, AZ in 2014. He became a Tucson resident in mid-2019 and became one of the boys in the band with his debut gig in August 2019. Over the years Alan has played the drums and congas in the Dayton , Ohio based bands Timer, White Rabbit and Disconnected. Disconnected has opened for the country band Ricochet as well as an opening act for the country lineup of McGuffy Lane, Alan Griggs, and Diamond Rio. Alan is definitely happy to be back in the saddle again!
From his first band "Xenogenesis"at age 17 to "The Nice Guys In Neckties Band" in the Phoenix area during the 80s, Southern California native Dave Lee has been playing and singing for nearly 50 years! SO many artists have influenced him, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Eagles, CSN, James Taylor and the list goes on. Now, in Good Trouble, Dave sings lead and background, plays rhythm guitar, harmonica and percussion. In "real life" he is a high school teacher and he and his wife enjoy spending as much time as possible with 5 kids and 12 grandkids.